Back-To-School: New Moon in Virgo Horoscopes

There’s a new beginning every September. I think it’s ingrained in us, that the month means “back to school” — which is both terrifying and exciting. “Who will I sit with?” “Who will be my friend?” “Will I see so-and-so?” “Will I like my new teacher?” are questions that have flooded our minds for years. Still today, September brings with it the promise of growth — and stakes.

With so many unknowns looming this time of year, consciously or subconsciously, we start clearing the decks. Enter Virgo energy, the sign of the zodiac that wants everything as perfect as possible. To this end, Virgo rarely keeps anything around which doesn’t serve any practical purpose. So we start organizing, clearing the “clutter,” and making space for the best case scenarios, even if we’re skeptical about the outcome. Whether we continue with something now — a person, place or thing — really depends on how it aligns with our hopes for the season. With or without knowing it, we analyse what’s going on and start editing the days of our lives. Things drop off.

The month prior, when the Sun was in Leo, we were so committed to “performing” our roles that perhaps we didn’t give ourselves the luxury of perspective: Is this really the part I want to play? Am I headed in the right direction? What do I really want? Now in Virgo, we ask these questions. We get rational and determine if our daily lives will logically lead up to the achievement of our goals.

So this is a time of discrimination, a time of making practical choices based on the end result desired. What needs to go and what needs to be implemented becomes important now. How committed we are to our desires can always be gauged by our actions. If we say we want a relationship, are we putting ourselves out there to achieve one? If we say we want more money, better sex, a higher-paying job, etc., do our everyday choices reflect these aspirations?

The question begs to be asked: If our actions aren’t aligned with what we say we want, do we really want those things? Maybe I want a relationship but don’t want to give up my freedom. Or maybe I want a new role at work, but worry that I’ll buckle under more responsibility. Or maybe I want such things, but don’t believe I’ll ever get them, so I don’t try in order to avoid disappointment. In such instances, what we actually create in our lives is testament of what we most strongly, usually subconsciously, believe: It’s our brain’s #1 job to help us avoid pain; so if we don’t have what we want — or aren’t en route to getting it — on some level we believe it will cause us pain, so we keep it from happening.

Virgo, although an earth sign, is highly mental. It is about communication. If we can communicate to our brains that getting what we want is safe, we’ve cracked the code. We convince the brain that we want X, can have X, that’s it’s safe to have X, that we deserve X, and that X is on its way. But since Virgo has the tendency to fuss and over-analyse, it’s often easier to achieve our aims by preparing — by clearing what’s in the way of our supposed goals arriving in a streamlined fashion. Little by little, decision by decision, during Virgo time we can at least make space for what we say we want in our lives. While we make room, we get a chance to fine-tune exactly what it is we’re looking for.

Virgo season, therefore, is the perfect time to set the table, though you may not know exactly what you’ll be making. You may know you want love, but not exactly sure what that looks like. Or you may want a new job, money, etc. but don’t know how it’s going to come about. It’s not the brain’s job to know how something is going to manifest; it’s only good for seeing how something had manifested in retrospect. This is where Virgo, being a passive, earth sign, can put its trust in nature. Make the soil rich, plant the right seeds, and let nature take its course.

In the tarot, Virgo is represented by card 9, the Hermit, which represents the quietude and introspection needed to determine what will make us content. It’s a time for clearing and setting the table, though we might not yet know what we’re having for dinner. Then, something happens: The universe gives us something that’s way better than what we could have dreamed up for ourselves.

Just be practical: If you think you want something, schedule time to do something about it. Clear the non-essential and tend daily to what you want to see sprout up in your life. Let things come about in a most natural, beautiful, organic way. Do what you can, let the universe do the rest, and everything will come together so well, that people will think you’re a Virgo 😉.

Last Friday, we had a New Moon in the sign of the virgin. All new moons are great for planting seeds for things you want to manifest. To see which life area was activated by the Virgo moon, note which house 7 degrees of Virgo falls in your astrological chart. Likewise, read your sign and/or rising sign below.

ARIES: The New Moon in Virgo will transit your 6th House of Work and Health. If you’re looking to make every day better, you’re in luck this New Moon, as your day-to-day lifestyle is primed for a reboot. What kind of changes would you like to see in your work over the next six months? Is it a new job? Adjustments to the one you have? Think about your ideal scenario, and make moves toward it over the next two weeks for best effect. Likewise, if you think your body could feel better, the timing is perfect to rededicate yourself to an exercise regimen and/or a diet that has you feeling amazing and flying high all day. Consider how you want to feel every day and how you want to feel at the end of each day, and then incrementally make changes to achieve those effects.

TAURUS: The New Moon in Virgo will transit your 5th House of Affection, covering anything you really love — self-expression, romance, your children if you have any, and just really good times! This week, start the habit of giving your inner child a chance to play and do the things you love — anything that brings you joy. Maybe this is a matter of taking more time out for creativity, or carving more time out of your schedule for date nights, fun with friends, and weekend trips. Note this area of your chart also rules true love! So if you’re wanting to spice things up with your partner, or find the right one for you at this time in your life, get the ball rolling over the next two weeks. Though you’re likely to be busy, by giving yourself more pleasure, everything else will have an easier time coming together and falling into place.

GEMINI: The New Moon in Virgo will transit your 4th House of Emotional Security. This week, Gemini, you’ll have an opportunity to get back to basics: What makes you feel secure, loved and cared for? What makes you feel at peace and “at home” within the self? You take your “home” with you wherever you go, so this is the perfect week to habituate more self-care rituals, e.g., a meditation practice, soaks in the bathtub, massage, appreciating yourself more, etc. You can also benefit by making your physical home more comfortable. This may mean finding a new abode if you feel it’s time for a move. This transit can also be about family — your family of choice and family of origin. Take the time to connect with those people who make you feel loved, as deepening your emotional connections now will feed your soul, helping every other area of your life feel better, too. The most important thing to remember: If you want to experience love each and every moment, simply decide to love yourself each and every moment.

CANCER: The New Moon in Virgo will transit your 3rd House of Communication. We are constantly communicating — with ourselves and everyone else, even when they’re not around! (Even with people who have passed away — communication still exists, as energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but only take on a different form of energy.) This week, consider how you communicate with everyone, from the closest people in your life to the postman, barrista, the customer service rep, etc. First, however, start communicating with yourself more gently, with less criticizing and more appreciating. Make it a point to change your internal dialogue with yourself, and your communications with others will improve. This month too, you may want to do something new on a regular basis — like take a class or become more involved in social groups. This would be a great use of this transit; jazzing up the things you do will keep you inspired and on your toes!

LEO: The New Moon in Virgo will transit your 2nd House of Finances/Self-Worth. This week, Leo, you have a chance to level up your self-esteem and beef up your bank balance! The area of your body associated with this is your throat chakra, as your voice is key to high self-worth and wealth. Notice how your throat feels and how your voice sounds. Does it feel strong there? If not, release the energy by saying what you have to say — aloud to yourself or to whomever else needs to hear you out. By empowering the energy of your throat, you’ll increase your innate sense of value, which can translate into material wealth. If there’s any money-making ideas that you find exciting — be it a new job, asking for a raise, starting a business, or scoring new clients — take action on it ASAP. This is also a great time to develop your natural talents, as your self-expression will infuse richness in other areas of your life.

VIRGO: Happy Birthday! The New Moon in Virgo will transit your 1st House of Identity. This is THE New Moon for you this year — make it count! You have the opportunity to become the “you” you need to be to attract whatever you want into your experience. Want true love? Become true love. Want to attract better money-making opportunities? Take on the state of someone who does. Everything is created from yourself, so think about the things that you want this year, and embody the aspects of someone who would logically have them. To break it down: 1.) Decide who you want to be. 2.) Trust the decision, and 3.) Act like you trust the decision. In acting like you trust the decision, you’re taking actionable, practical steps that assert your beliefs about what you think you can achieve. Are you acting like someone who believes success is inevitable? Make this year the best one yet, by giving yourself permission to experience more life than ever before. Make a list of what you want to attract, and use the above to make it happen.

LIBRA: The New Moon in Virgo will transit your 12th House of the Subconscious. This is an interesting transit for you, Libra, as you’re gearing up for your birthday and need to make sure you have the mindset to make the most of your next birthday year. You may want to spend the next two weeks taking it down a notch, nesting and resting, and allow yourself some extra space. With less noise around you, you’ll be in the best position to gauge what will make you happy, and you’ll be able to do some soul-searching to discover how you might be keeping yourself from it. Over this month, it would be advantageous to practice self-hypnosis, meditation, EFT (tapping), visualization and the like to give yourself a leg-up for your new birthday year. In life, we get what we subconsciously believe we are (by virtue of like attracting like) so make sure to feed your subconscious the suggestions of worthiness and deservability you need to manifest your desires. Everything first starts in the mind.

SCORPIO: The New Moon in Virgo will transit 11th House of Hopes, Dreams, Friendship and Community. This month, ask yourself, “Why not?” Why not achieve lofty goals? Fall madly in love? Have it all? Forget any limiting beliefs — if you’re excited about something, that’s your higher self telling you it’s for you and that it CAN be achieved — there are no dangling carrots in the universe. Your secret super power, Scorpio, is your imagination: Allow yourself to assume the feeling state of having what you desire, be consistent in experiencing those feelings up, and take inspired action to make them materialize. Help along your way will be friends and groups of like-minded people. If you’re ready for some stronger socializing and friends who have your back, this is the month to put yourself out there. There’s a strength in vulnerability that you Scorpios are amazing at embodying.

SAGITTARIUS: The New Moon in Virgo will transit your 10th House of Status. If there were a month to try and reach the top, this would be it! So decide, which mountain do you want to climb? If you’re already in your chosen field, you’re in a very advantageous position to rise higher. If you’re looking for a prestigious promotion or to score a big-name client, you’re likely to achieve your aims. Further, if there’s a new career path that excites you, start moving toward it over the next two weeks. The key to this transit it to make sure in your private life you’re feeling nurtured and secure, as the more rooted you are and the more cared for you feel, the higher up the ranks you can climb. The spotlight will indeed be on you this month, so make sure to not overextend yourself, as you’ll want to bring your A game without sacrificing what keeps you balanced (relationships, health, sleep, fun, etc.).

CAPRICORN: The New Moon in Virgo will transit your 9th House of Expansion. You’re being urged this month to really suck the melon out of life, and enjoy it full-tilt. You may opt to see more of the world via foreign travel, or emerge yourself in a subject that opens up your mind more than ever before. This transit doesn’t just have to do with expanding your mind, but also your reach: Publishing, broadcasting, teaching…anything that allows you to spread your energy across the universe and change the world is favored. You can be as lofty as you wish in your objectives, as the world is a blank canvas for you to express yourself. Most important, this transit is all about clarifying and empowering your life philosophy and vision. First you make your beliefs, and then your beliefs make you.

AQUARIUS: The New Moon in Virgo will transit your 8th House of Rebirth. This month is a big letting go of what no longer serves you, in favor of something that better does. By the end of the month, you will likely see something end, followed by something new that begins. It could be a belief that you exchange for a more empowering one, or something more external, like a new job, relationship, home, etc. Whatever new beginning is calling your name, envision the absolutely best case scenario, and take inspired action on achieving it. Further, this is a time of understanding your boundaries — where you end and others begin. There may be some people you want to get closer to, and others you want to distance yourself from. Make your decisions based on how you feel, as feeling as good as possible will bring you the most empowerment during this transit (and all transits, really).

PISCES: The New Moon in Virgo will transit your 7th House of Partnerships. Over the next month, you have an opportunity to attract into your life the best partnerships. Want a husband? A new best friend? The perfect business partner? The adoring audience that values your message? Get clear on what you want, and over the next two weeks take inspired action to achieve it. Whoever or whatever helps balance you is what’s called for now. During this time, your already-established partnerships can grow deeper, helping you to take on the world. Overall, during this cycle you’re stronger as a two than you would be flying solo; if you feel disempowered by a partnership, maybe it’s not the right partnership (or needs major fixing) — it’s not partners in general that are the problem. Get clear on exactly what you’re looking for, and enjoy the different kinds of love this transit can inspire.



(“Joshua the Psychic”) Reader, astrologer and coach expanding consciousness with Law of Attraction and Astrology.

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Joshua MacGuire

(“Joshua the Psychic”) Reader, astrologer and coach expanding consciousness with Law of Attraction and Astrology.